About livknotted

Hi, I’m liv, livknotted is a one person show and each item is handmade in the USA by me! 

livknotted is an idea I had at the beginning of my plant journey and it’s only grown since. I got into houseplants and the houseplant community around January of 2020 and macrame shortly thereafter. I wanted a unique, decorative way to display my plants while acknowledging the living decor I had already acquired. This prompted me to create my own macrame items as I couldn’t find too many I loved. I wanted to share my newfound love of macrame with others, not only in the plant community, but for anyone looking to add a bit of handmade decor to their living space.

I am a university student at the moment and am majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. Creating is a real passion of mine and I would love to share my passion with you!

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to the livknotted family!